« Patrick from Tzechoslovakia has 23 years behind him. A caring, alcoholic father, a story starting at the orphanage. Some friends cooking drugs. A jail and a detox clinic. As soon as he finishes with his ‘’education’’, he packs up his belongings and without a word leaves everyone and everything to the past. » Excerpt, D2D Magazine, published in 2015

It was in a squat in Liège, called « The Labo » that I met Patrick. During the winter of 2014 I was going back and forth from Brussels to Liège when working on another photographic project. Sometimes I had to spend the night in the city and I was welcome to stay at the squat. When I noticed Patrick I was struck how shy and isolated he seemed. None knew a lot about his life and the reasons that brought him to Belgium, for he was speaking only Czech. Despite the lack of communication, the squat’s inhabitants were trying to support him by helping him integrate. When photographing Patrick’s routine, I realised that some of Labo’s people were his friends while others his family. 

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